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About Us

Kalakriti is a platform to channelize the artist in you, be it acting, any cinematic art, yoga, aerobics or dance that your soul craves for. We believe that there is no art that can’t be learned through passion, dedication and hard work and thus, we make sure that we are as passionate as the learners who come to us. Our vision encompasses not only growth as an artist but the growth of greatness of art at the global front. Keeping in view this objective of ours, we have made a part of our institute, a highly qualified faculty from reputed institutions like NSD, MPSD, NMI, Mandi school of Drama, Bhartendu Natya Academy and many more. Kalakriti maintains an affable environment where we are equally frank and friendly as we want the learning to be. Learning at kalakriti is fun, exciting and affordable. In a world where even learning can burn a hole in your pocket, we believe that money shouldn’t be a constraint in making your dream a reality. We work towards breaking the inhibitions that are holding you back and set you free. So, be a part of our highly qualified and disciplined family which is willing to put their heart and soul in training you to achieve your dream.

Our passion and quality of work makes us the Best Film Acting Institute, Best Theater Acting Institute, And Best Acting Institute in Karol bagh | Delhi-NCR

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